Lisbon, Porto and Faro have international airports that serve mainland Portugal. Of these airports Lisbon is the one that receives the majority of intercontinental flights.

There are also international trains that connect Porto and Lisbon to cities like Paris, Bayonne and Madrid.

The organisation will arrange a bus transfer associated with bicycle transport from Lisbon and Porto for the start of the race on May 19 and the end (Algarve) to Lisbon and Porto on 25 May.

This transfer can be purchased by the athlete as an extra along with their Registration.

The return of the Algarve can be done by plane, from Faro Airport, in case the athlete opts for this return option.

The trip to start and return of the end of the event can also be done with the use of own car if that is the option of the participant, provided that it is ensured by him or someone to move the car from the beginning to the end of the event.

Registrations are done exclusively on the official website of the event.

There are 3 possibilities to enjoy the Ride Across Portugal® experience. As an alternative to RAP’s full version (6 stages) participants can register in one of the two shorter versions of the event, choosing to do the first 3 stages (RAP North) or the last 3 stages (RAP South).

At your registration, each participant can acquire various extra services, such as transfers to the start of the race, or from the end, and massages. The participant can also subscribe to a range of personalised services.

Ride Across Portugal® is an event open to everyone born prior to May 19, 2001 (at the date of the event, an age equal to or greater than 18 years is needed), federated or non-federated, and whose aptitude to participate in an event of this nature is confirmed by a medical certificate or by their federative license duly updated.

Yes, participants need to present a document signed by a doctor (draft of this document can be requested by email) attesting to their physical fitness to participate in a staged event with the characteristics of Ride Across Portugal®. All athletes who hold a UCI license do not need to present this document since their license already presupposes medical validation for the practice of cycling, including participation in such events.

No, Ride Across Portugal® is a stage-by-stage cyclotouristic event, where each athlete rides at his own pace, scrupulously observing the traffic rules and always safeguarding his safety and that of the other users of the public way. However, at each stage there will be segments identified and communicated to the athletes by the organisation where the athletes' times will be timed and then published in a list at the end of each stage.

There will also be way points (pit stops) coinciding with or not with feeding stations, where athletes may have to make short, but mandatory stops.

No support cars will be allowed to circulate among cyclists during the stages. Areas will be defined next to the feeding stations where the attendants will be able to watch the passage of the participants and provide them with some type of support. However, this presence must always be approved by the organisation, safeguarding the proper functioning of feeding stations and the safety and smooth flow of athletes in these areas.

The organisation will safeguard a limited number of places in accommodation units to accommodate accompanying parties. These, however, will have to move during the stages by their own means, always safeguarding the exposed in the previous question (prohibition of vehicles strange to the organisation circulating among the athletes and dynamic support in the stages). The organisation will provide some tourist information in order to support the accompanying parties’ planning during the event days, especially in potential touristic interest places along the way.

For the subscription of transport services and accompanying parties touristic programs, the Official Tour Operators should be contacted.

All participants will have included in the cost of their registration:

- An official Ride Across Portugal® jersey

- An official Ride Across Portugal® participation medal

- An official Ride Across Portugal® participation Polo shirt

At the end of the final stage, after summing all 6 stages timed segments, the fastest male athlete and the female athlete will be awarded official trophies corresponding to the titles of "King of Ride Across Portugal® 2019" and "Queen of Ride Across Portugal® 2019 ".

Included in each athlete’s registration is also the offer of a personalised travel bag with the event logo, the use of which will be mandatory for all participants. This will be the only bag the organisation assures transport for in every stage, from the departure hotel to the hotel of arrival. For Base Pack subscribers, the organisation will arrange for the transportation of an additional bag to carry a sleeping bag and a mattress. This supplementary bag has a limited size, which measures can be requested by email.

Yes, at the moment of accreditation it will be mandatory to present some material or equipment to be announced in due time by the organisation. At the beginning of each stage, depending on conditions, including those of climatic origin, it may also be mandatory to present material and equipment that the organisation deems necessary to safely carry out this stage.

There will be some (minimal) signage along the course, especially in more urban areas and in others that are identified by the organisation as areas where orientation needs to be supported by signs on the ground. However, in terms of guidance, GPS will be the recommended tool to safely and reliably carry out the entire course of each stage.

In order to ensure the registration of your time, in the timed segments, the participant must use a GPS device that is compatible with the STRAVA platform. For those who abdicate their timing, in the timed segments, the use of GPS is not mandatory, but it is strongly advised so to ride each stage’s course without error. However, a participant can choose to always ride together with another rider and thus find that they can do without using the GPS device.

There will be 2 or 3 feed stations depending on each stage’s distance or level of difficulty. In each of them there will be fast ingestion food such as sandwiches, fresh fruit, nuts, biscuits, water, juices and isotonic drinks.

In addition to feed stations along the route there will be at the end of each stage a recovery meal.

Yes, there will be a team of masseurs at the end of each stage providing a 15 minute massage to each athlete who hires this service. This service (package of 5 massages) can be hired by the participants as an extra at the time of their registration.

Yes, during each stage there will be mechanical assistance teams circulating among the athletes that will try to solve the kind of problems capable of being solved in an event dynamics like this one. Excluded from these teams’ scope of work are basic interventions such as hole punching and other minor interventions that will have to be solved by participants, who will have to safeguard the good condition of their bicycle and its components before departure for each stage and also ensure transport and handling of replacement and repair material, such as chambers and pump, during stages.


The event is framed by a medical team that will move along the bunch looking for support to any eventual urgent situation that may arise each day.

Yes, all participants will be covered by a personal accident insurance, hired by the organisation for the event, complying with the norms and coverages required for this type of events.

Yes, it is possible to participate in teams of two elements. Participants will be able to register in the "doubles" mode, splitting each stage’s course by  two athletes (courier), the transition being made in a location and time window to be defined by the organisation for each of the stages.

The registration fees for participants in Doubles, is the same as Normal participation.

Participants in Doubles will have to circulate by their own means during stages (from the beginning of the stage to the place of transition and from this point to the end of the stage, always safeguarding the rules of the race, especially with regard to the circulation of vehicles strange to the organisation among the athletes.

For participants in Doubles wishing to hire transfers to and from these transition points at each stage they should contact the Official Tour Operators

Yes, there is the possibility of enrolling in only 3 stages, subscribing to RAP North’s (3 first stages) or RAP South’s (3 last stages) registration. These two entries have a reduced price compared to the registration in the challenge’s full version (6 stages).